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Full Sun Alcantereas

Alcantarea Imperialis Hawaiian Red crossed with Alcanterea Vinnie Colour.

They will start to colour up  throughout winter and spring and while there is some variation,  most will go a lovely red/purple colour.

Our 140mm Alcanterea’s are big!!

Ready to pot into 200mm or 250mm pot, or even straight into 300mm

Normal good draining potting mix with slow release fertilizer for great results,  we use about 6kg of osmocote per cubic metre.

We sell our Alcanterea in 140mm pots.

Big discounts for large orders. For orders or enquiries, please phone Henk on (02) 66 779 402 or send a message.

If potted now, the plants will be ready for sale in about 6months in a 200mm pot, the wholesale price would be about $18.00. It takes about 12 months to be ready in a 250mm pot, with a wholesale price of about $30 and it will take about 18 moths for a 300mm to be ready with a wholesale price of about $50.

The plants will grow to a diameter of about 1500mm   1.5m   this will take about 6 years , they will keep on growing for up to 10 years before they throw up an enormous flower spike, up to 3m tall and will flower for up to 6 months.

We have just crossed our best Hawaiian Red’s with an outstanding Alcanterea called Vampira. Vampira has the best red colour I have ever seen. It will be a couple of years from now before they will become available.

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