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Staghorns of all sizes

Welcome to Collina Nursery

At Collina Nursery we have professionally grown staghorn ferns for over thirty years. Our staghorns are now available online direct to the public.  


The nursery is located just outside Murwillumbah in the beautiful Tweed Valley, where staghorn ferns grow naturally in the rainforest.

All staghorn ferns that grow natively, whether in private gardens, state forests or National Parks, are protected plants , so all plants sold by us are grown from spore in our nursery.

We also supply young plants including Birdnest Ferns, Spathiphyllum, Bromeliads and Orchids.

Large staghorns are hard to find

A large staghorn makes a magnificent feature in any garden.

But they take many years to reach full maturity. We have several hundred available for sale in our nursery which have raised over the last two decades.

Our stags are divided into three categories:

  • Large – individual specimens are shown
  • Medium – generic sample only is shown
  • Small – generic sample only is shown

Please take a look at our shop where you are sure to find the staghorn you have been searching for.